I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Moenay Tries Dating Naked For A Second Time

Moenay is no stranger to dating in the nude.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps we were pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face – Moenay! After having a failed attempt at finding love last season, Moenay returned to paradise with the hopes of making a connection with Chris.

The first time around didn’t go so well for Moenay. As seen in the clip below, her third date got cold feet and left Moenay disappointed. Still looking for romance, Moenay attended Ashley and Alika’s wedding with faith that love would find her. However, it wasn’t until Moenay met Chris that she finally found what she was looking for!

When Chris meets Moenay he feels more comfortable knowing that she has dated naked before. The two have a fun date playing volleyball and Chris really admires Moenay for facing her fears in regards to her career. For Moenay, it seems like the third time’s the charm because after their week together, Chris decided to choose Moenay has his Keeper!

Will Chris and Moenay’s initial connection blossom or will it wilt like a flower in heat? Rewatch the scenes above and share your thoughts/comments below!