Justin Bieber Accidentally Pisses Off Deadmau5, Twitter Rant Ensues

Biebs just can't catch a break.

We’re two days out from the release of Justin Bieber’s much publicized “What Do You Mean?” single, but it’s the Platinum hit he and Jack Ü members Skrillex and Diplo made that’s getting all of the attention right now. The New York Times shared an interview with the Biebs and Jack Ü yesterday, and it includes a video in which all three men discuss the making of “Where Are Ü Now.” About 30 seconds into the video, the Biebs talks about the sounds used in the song, and he said something that really pissed off Deadmau5.

“It’s expensive, you know what I mean? The sounds that are used are not cheap. They’re very expensive-sounding sounds,” Justin told NY Times. After hearing this, Deadmau5 took to Twitter to voice his frustrations with Bieber’s comments.

Biebs just can’t catch a break. Even when he’s trying not to piss anyone off, he does. Biebs has yet to say anything about Deadmau5’s Twitter rant, but in the meantime, he’s making sure to keep up with his star-studded “What Do You Mean?” publicity. Diplo did, however, reply to Deadmau5 with this:

The shade is real. Watch the full video interview with Justin, Skrillex, and Diplo here.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.