Elvis Meets The Beatles (And Vice Versa): Their Greatest Cover Trade-Offs

5 Elvis songs by the Beatles; 5 Beatles songs by Elvis.

As rock-and-roll fanatics from the very birth of the form, it’s always been well known that the Beatles worshipped Elvis Presley.

While the feeling may not have always been mutual, on the February 10, 1964 Ed Sullivan Show broadcast wherein the Beatles conquered the world, the host did excitedly read a telegram that stated:

Congratulations on your appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and your visit to America. We hope your engagement will be a successful one and your visit pleasant. Give our best to Mr. Sullivan.
Elvis & the Colonel.

Until then, that note was as close as the Fab Four had ever come to meeting the King. On Friday, August 27, 1965, all that changed. That’s the night the Beatles met Elvis.

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