Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover To Find Out What People Really Think Of Her On Jimmy Kimmel

She also waxed poetic on boobs while donning heart-shaped pasties.

Pasties advocate Miley Cyrus wore her signature look on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Clad in heart-shaped pasties, a rainbow-colored cape, and various nonsensical accessories, Miley spoke to Jimmy about her boobs and being a nudist vegan in what became the best interview of her career so far.

But before all of that, Miley pulled a Drake and went undercover to find out what people really think of her. She pretended to be an Australian reporter named Janet and asked random people on the street their thoughts on the real Miley. She underwent quite the roast. The first dude she talked to admitted he didn’t like her entire family and said that he much prefers Taylor Swift. But Miley/Janet took it all like a pro. She twerked with some fans and showed one guy, who had a hunch that Janet was actually Miley, her boobs.

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