We Need To Know If Ed Sheeran’s Chest Tattoo Is Real Because It’s Haunting Our Dreams

Someone please inform.

Ed Sheeran may or may not have a lion tattoo, and we need to know one way or the other because frankly, not knowing is freaking us the hell out. Ed got the thing about two weeks ago, according to his Instagram.

The tat received mixed reactions from fans and other people who felt like they had something to say about it. Ed took to Twitter in the midst of all the kerfuffle to silence the haters and say that he was proud of the damn thing. So byeziez.

But then, something weird happened. Ed didn’t have the tattoo anymore.
And yet, he did.
That was makeup before, right? Or was he trolling us this whole time? Ed, please inform. We love you either way. Just thinking out loud is all.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.