A Comprehensive History of All the Times Karlie Redd Was Messy on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

12 times Karlie Redd was making the most of the mess.

At the season four reunion Karlie Redd’s messiness was once again brought up. Karlie’s loyalty is always called into question because she finds herself the bearer of bad news, over and over again.

When she’s not being the messenger, Karlie likes to talk about what she’s heard from other people (even when it has nothing to do with her) and this makes many of her friends feel some type of way. Is Karlie just that messy!?

We wrestled through all four seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to find each time Karlie was messy boots, and honestly, we thinks she likes to keep things…interesting.

  1. When Karlie was “Mimi’s friend” but became friends with “Stevie’s girl” Joseline

    Back in season one, Karlie hangs out with her friend Mimi and all the ladies and then proceeds to talk about meeting Stevie J’s “girl” Joseline. But like if you’re friends with Mimi, why would you say that?

  2. When Karlie went behind Joseline’s back to work with Stevie

    After befriending Joseline, Karlie then went and talked about the Puerto Rican Princess with Mimi because she realllly wanted to work with Stevie J. She claimed to be confused about who she had to “go through” to work with the Grammy winner.

  3. When Karlie lied about being signed to Cash Money

    Karlie ended up having a meeting with Stevie and claimed to be managed by Cash Money. Cash Money president Mack Maine said Karlie flat out lied and the truth came out at the season one reunion.

  4. Karlie talked trash about K.Michelle’s career

    Karlie talked a lot of s— about K.Michelle at her showcase and K. checked her.

  5. When Karlie told everyone Benzino slept with Joseline

    Karlie said that Benzino showed him a tape of Joseline and said they used to “smash” but Zino, Stevie, and Joseline claimed that Joseline was lying about that. Benzino went on to release a Stevie diss song “Smashed Da Homie” allegedly “inspired by” Karlie’s story which we think makes him pretty messy too.

  6. When Karlie gave K.Michelle a diss track for her birthday

    After they got on better terms, Karlie told K.Michelle she recorded a diss song about her and gave her a copy for her birthday. Smh. Ariane gave the DJ the record and lyrics included a line about R.Kelly probably peeing on K.

  7. When Karlie was caught “working” in the studio with Jeremih

    Karlie was suspicious of Yung Joc from the beginning of their relationship but that didn’t mean she didn’t dabble on the side herself. In season three, when working with Jeremih in the studio, Karlie got flirty and handsy with the producer much to Joc’s chagrin.

  8. When Karlie said she was missing Benzino’s d—

    According to Kirk, Karlie was talking about missing Benzino’s d—. Zino’s new girl Althea didn’t appreciate that which only fueled Karlie to go on and release pictures of Benzino and Joc’s packages. She said Joc’s was better. Wonder what she would say now!

  9. When Karlie told Joseline that Stevie smashed Althea

    While working out in season three, Karlie told Joseline that she heard from Erica (from Mimi, oof) that Stevie and Althea had a one night stand.

  10. When Karlie opened a store behind Erica’s back

    In season four, Karlie had plans to open a boutique with Erica Dixon. After she felt Erica was dragging her feet for too long, Karlie went on to open her store Merî without letting Erica know. Shade.

  11. When Karlie helped Sina embarrass KD just because

    Sina and Karlie bonded over their mutual hate for Joc’s current GF Khadiyah so when Sina approached Karlie about helping her make a fool of KD in public, Karlie signed right on, you know, because why not?!

  12. When Karlie told Joseline that Stevie asked Mimi to move with him to LA

    In the season four finale, Karlie congratulates her bestie Joseline on her performance but then drops the bomb that she heard Stevie asked Mimi to move with him to LA. This after Joseline just started reading a letter from Stevie about how he was leaving without her. Joseline quickly gave Karlie a pop with her bouquet of flowers.

Sheesh! Is Karlie just too messy? Did we miss your favorite Karlie mess moment?! Sound off in the comments!