9 Models Who Realized They Can Also Sing

The triple threat: Looks, talent, and pipes.

Modeling and music go hand-in-hand. Runways, fashion shows, music videos — these are just some instances where you might find that the two collide. But what about models who sing?

Not everyone can rock multiple careers, but those who do deserve extra praise. From Cara Delevingne to Nico of The Velvet Underground, these models tapped into their musical talents — and went with it.

  1. Cara Delevingne

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    Cara Delevingne shocked us all when she took part in this cute, indie acoustic ditty because we finally had to face the fact that she actually can do whatever she puts her mind to. Cara mainly harmonizes on the song, “Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine)”, but her oohs are on point. She can also lip sync Shania Twain super well.

  2. Coco Rocha

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    Canadian model Coco Rocha did more than pose for the camera for this Hunger TV short film. Channeling punk and angst, Coco wore Roberto Cavalli and lent her distorted vocals to this track, accompanied heavily by electric guitar.

  3. Karen Elson

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    Karen Elson’s musical inclinations manifested in her debut album The Ghost Who Walks. The British model, who was married to Jack White for eight years, emerged as a singer-songwriter in 2010, and released her album on Jack’s Third Man Records label.

  4. Tyrese Gibson

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    You might know him as the R&B artist, but Tyrese first came onto the scene as a model. When he was 17, he started modeling for Guess and Tommy Hilfiger, eventually making his way into music. He released his sixth studio album, Black Rose, in July.

  5. Nico

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    Christa Päffgen, a.k.a. Nico, of Germany was discovered at 16 years old. Her career started in modeling and acting, but it didn’t end with either of these. Nico joined The Velvet Underground when Andy Warhol was managing them, and she recorded with them on their debut album. She took the lead vocals on three songs — “Femme Fatale,” “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” and “I’ll Be Your Mirror” — and also sang backup vocals on “Sunday Morning.”

  6. Naomi Campbell

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    Eternally beautiful Naomi Campbell is involved with music beyond her role on Empire. Naomi came out with an album, Baby Woman, in 1994. It was released in the U.K. via Epic Records.

  7. Twiggy

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    The famous face of the ’60s also acted and sang. Twiggy tried her hand at music after having established herself in the modeling world, and she released her first album in 1972. She has nine to her name.

  8. Tyra Banks

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    Tyra Banks has been in her fair share of music videos. In 2004, she attempted to break into the music world with “Shake Ya Body,” the visuals for which feature America’s Next Top Model contestants. The ladies of Cycle 2 will forever have this memory.

  9. Carla Bruni

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    Before discovering her musical talents and marrying former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni modeled. She signed with an agency when she was 19 and later tapped into her singer-songwriter gifts, releasing the ever-so-sweet Quelqu’un M’a Dit.

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