8 Artists Whose Social Media Presence Is Way More Entertaining Than Their Music

We're not here for their music, but 50 Cent, Pia Mia, and Riff Raff's social media give us life.

-By Jasmine Grant

They’re beautiful, rich and slay your Instagram feeds on the daily. But try as they might, something about their music just isn’t catching our ears. Thanks to social media, artists nowadays have the benefit of keeping our attention in more ways than just musically. Unfortunately, these artists are way better at racking up likes on the ‘gram than churning out hits. We want them to win, but they want the likes.

Check out these 8 artists whose social media presence is way better than what they have to offer musically. No shade.

  • Pia Mia

    The 18-year old blonde beauty has a mass following on social media (2.5 million on Instagram), likely due to her association with BFF Kylie Jenner. Her “in” with the Kardashian dynasty gave her leverage to snag a feature with Tyga and Chris Brown for her breakout single “Do It Again.” But even with the help of the two megastars, Pia’s song only peaked at No. 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. You probably don’t even know what song I’m referring to, right? Yeah…we should probably just move on.

  • Sage The Gemini

    This Californian rapper might come to mind for his various twerk bangers like “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose.” His songs are the perfect backdrop for a few tipsy nights at the club, but don’t really leave a lasting impression beyond that. Sage does make for good eye candy, though. Those daily Instagram selfies of his irresistible hazel eyes peering into the camera never manages to get old.

  • Teyana Taylor

    Three words: Body. On .Fleek. If you’re looking for motivation to hit the gym, you need to be following this Harlem-born beauty, like yesterday. Teyana became famous from her star-studded birthday bash that aired on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. Her quest to make it in the music biz soon followed. Though undeniably talented, well connected and flawless, Teyana has always hit its fair share of peaks and valleys. But thanks to social media, and that smoking hot bod, she’s hard to be forgotten.

  • Plies

    Plies has transformed from rapper to internet comedian with his stream of barely comprehensible but hilarious Instagram videos. The southern rapper’s mini video confessions are so funny, they’ve been reposted by the likes of Rihanna, and have inspired waves of Dubsmash parodies that have also gone viral. On that special day he’s coined “Sweet Pw*ssy Saturday,” Plies uses all 16 seconds to describe, in great detail, all of the freaky ways he’s able to please the vajajay. Biiihhh…I’ll pass. But he’s still funny as hell.

  • Lil’ Debbie

    The Oakland born rapper and street wear fashionista is 1/3 of the now disbanded rap group “White Girl Mob”, which also included rappers Kreayshawn and V-Nasty. Debbie, an avid weed-smoker and sneaker head, has collected hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, many cannot name one single or mixtape without a quick Google search. She’s offering you kids some new material in the form of her latest single “Home Grown.” Check it out! We know you care.

  • Riff Raff

    Riff Raff, aka Jody High Roller, is a Houston-based “rapper” with over 1 million Instagram followers and pretty much every rap stereotype adorned on his body. Now signed to Diplo’s “Mad Decent” records, Riff Raff’s most well-known single was a megahit called “Bird on a Wire,” which was named 27th best song of 2012 by Complex Magazine. Aside from that, we can’t really name anything of significance he’s done, aside from somehow getting Katy Perry to date him.

  • Keyshia Cole

    R&B singer Keyshia Cole made the worst enemy possible when she took Beyonce’s promo single “Bow Down” a little too personally and decided to blast The Queen on Twitter. The Beyhive swiftly swarmed in and mercilessly demolished the Oakland singer’s mentions. Since then, things with Keyshia took a bizarre turn. Earlier this year, the 33-year-old singer briefly dated Cash Money head honcho Birdman and posted a very random video of herself twerking on top of a piano in his home (girl, why?) Then, Keyshia and estranged husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson engaged in a war of words as the two slung cheating and bad parenting accusations back and forth. It doesn’t get much messier than that!

  • 50 Cent

    50 Cent epitomizes the rags to riches fairytale. With over 30 million records sold to date, 50 Cent has ridden the wave of an epic but fleeting rap career. The rapper/actor/mogul has been the center of some embarrassing headlines lately, including news of his pending bankruptcy. But that doesn’t deter him from straight roasting other rappers on social media. 50 launched a full out social media smear campaign on Diddy and the folks at Ciroc to promote his own competing brand, Effen Vodka. He doesn’t stop there. 50 has poked fun at Floyd Mayweather for rumors that he’s illiterate, and put rapper Sha Money on blast for having a fake chain. Can someone lend this man a hobby?