Damn, Neville Longbottom! Harry Potter Star Matthew Lewis Is All Grown Up and Seriously Ripped

Holy bombarda maxima, Neville. This Attitude magazine cover shows the former child star in a whole new light.

We all watched as Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis went from Neville “cute little pudgy boy” Longbottom to Neville “holy crap, this guy can get it” Longbottom. And his transformation to super hot swan has continued. Gird yourselves. GIRDILIARMUS!

Despite the ab-induced confidence you’d imagine him having, Lewis is humble. He told Attitude magazine that it surprised him when people were so impressed by his post-Potter looks, which lead to quite the stir on the red carpet for the final film. “And then obviously a lot of attention focused on it, which I didn’t expect at all,” he said. “I’ve never considered myself to be good-looking at all. Just average.”

To remind you, this was Lewis during his early Potter years.

Getty Images

Check out more pictures at Attitude’s site. They are decidedly un-average.