Black Ink Crew Bonus: Sassy Doesn’t Want to Be Considered “One” with Puma Anymore

"I think Puma just chose the wrong time to snap. I feel like Puma was wrong."

Sassy may have mended ways with Ceaser but how does she really about what’s been going on between Puma and the Black Ink Crew?

In a bonus clip, Sassy meets up with Sky to talk about what went down at the fashion show. Everyone has a different version of events but Sassy is distressed when she finds out that Dutchess told Sky she was jumped by “Sassy’s friends.” Sassy has love for Puma but she doesn’t want to be associated with him anymore. Sassy says Puma is the reason that there is a divide between the crew now.

Do you think Sassy is making the right choice to distance herself? Find out on an all new Black Ink Crew, Monday at 9/8c!