Lil Wayne Spotted With Ex-Fiancee Dhea Raises So Many Questions

Are they back together?

Last night, Lil Wayne was spotted backstage with ex-fiancee Dhea at his first Lilweezyana Fest in New Orleans, which sparked several questions from fans. Where’s Christina Milan? Is he cheating? Did he leave Milan for Dhea? Are him and Dhea just friends now? Is Christina ok with this?

Brief backstage footage catches Wayne and Dhea walking together after the show, which caused the uproar on Twitter.

So, where is Ms. Milan? When she was questioned by fans on why she didn’t attend, she replied, “I was filming my TV show.”
Does she know that Dhea would be attending Lilweezyana Fest? Does she even care? I have so many questions, and Twitter has so much more.