Jay Z Joined + Quit Instagram in Less Than 14 Hours

Welp, it was fun while it lasted.

Beyoncé has a huge social media presence, and it was only a matter of time that Jay Z would join in. On Saturday, the Instagram account @Hovsince96 was created and believed to be HOV’s. He only shared one photo and already has over 100,000 followers.

In the image, a much-younger Jay Z poses alongside the late Michael Jackson, who would have celebrated his 57th birthday on Saturday. He captioned the photo, “Happy Birthday to the King. This may be my first and last post.” He wasn’t lying. As of today the account has been deactivated less than a day of its creation.

In an image shared by music executive Michael Kyser, a friend of Jay Z, appears to show the Brookyln rapper looking at the photo sharing app on his phone, and encouraging fans to go follow him by capturing the post, “Follow my brother @Hovsince96 ASAP.”
This gives some proof that it was actually Jay Z’s account. Even though it was only for a short time, it was an exciting 14 hours. Is Kanye West next up? That would be the day.