BREAKING: Kel Mitchell Has Resurfaced At The VMAs Red Carpet—And He Looks Dope

Sadly, his date wasn't a bottle of orange soda.

The last time was saw Kel Mitchell, he was hanging with his buddy Kenan in the Nickelodeon classic, Kenan & Kel.

It was that strange time known as the ’90s. More often than not, Kel was seen romancing a 2-liter of orange soda.


But then the decade changed, Kenan graduated to Saturday Night Live, and there was a Kel-shaped hole in our hearts. It took some time, but we’d finally gotten used to living a Kel-less existence—until now

Tonight, Kel strutted out of our memories and onto the 2015 VMAs red carpet. And he looked pretty awesome.

So now we know what Kel looks like today, but his appearance raises many more questions. For example, what is he doing there in the first place? Does he have a new reality show in the works? Is Nickelodeon finally ceding to demand and reunited the beloved comedy geniuses?

We’ll keep an eye out…

VH1 Music Editor + Seltzer Enthusiast