Draya Pens An Apology To Brandi Over Her “Boring” Cancer Comments But Brandi Ain’t Having It


After Draya Michele’s shocking comments to Brandi Maxiell’s about her cancer story being “boring” last night on Basketball Wives LA, Draya took to Instagram to clarify and apologize for her choice of words. In a three-part Instagram statement, Draya wrote that what was at first a poor choice of words, calling Brandi’s struggle with cancer a “boring” storyline on a show that’s based on “women chewing each [other] out.” However, her comments escalated in the heat of the moment, and she offered Brandi and fans an apology for what she said. You can read Draya’s full statement below, followed by Brandi’s three-part response where she is not willing to forgive or forget.

Here is what Brandi had to say in response. Sounds like this ain’t over.