NSFW: Miley Cyrus Flashes VMAs Audience + Drops A Surprise Free Album

She keeps on giving.

Miley Cyrus ensured that her hosting tenure at the 2015 VMAs would be one for the books by beefing (or “beefing”) with Nicki Minaj, and undergoing at least six thousand wardrobe changes. But just in case she was worried about being upstaged by Kanye West’s otherworldly free-association speech/presidential bid, Miley had a few more aces up her sleeve.

First of all, the camera “caught” her backstage, apparently changing clothes and unprepared to deliver her link. She attempted to carry on, but her black curtain could only cover so much—and the result was split-second (NSFW) nip-slip.

“Oh, I’m sorry, are my t-ts out?’” came the immortal phrase. Was this a genuine accident, or part of her master plan all along? That remains to be seen.

But her Janet Moment was by no means all for the evening. The grand finale to her grand finale performance was almost cut off as the broadcast ended. Yes, Miley pulled a Beyonce and announced that had just dropped a new album, available for FREE online. Apparently titled Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, the record marks her first new music since 2013’s Bangerz. It’s a 23-track collaboration with Big Sean, Ariel Pink, and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, who co-wrote and produced most of the disc. Head to her site for a listen! Where should we send thank you notes…?

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