Nicki Minaj’s Most Sexual Stage Moments

When Nicki's feeling herself, we're feeling it, too.

Nicki Minaj is a sexual goddess. She’s all about the ABDs of life — ass, boobs, and the d — in her raps, music videos, and especially live performances.

Knock it all you want, but seeing Nicki live is boatloads of fun. It’s pink, it’s glitter AF, and it’s all the sex you could want from the “Feeling Myself” queen without the risk of getting pregnant. From her 2015 VMAs performance to the many times she gave Lil Wayne and Drake lap dances, here are Nicki’s most sexual stage moments.

  • When she performed “Trini Dem Girls” at the 2015 VMAs

    This is the Nicki we know and love right here.

  • And later shook her ass alongside Rebel Wilson

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    Alright, ladies, we see you.

  • When her butt did this during “Anaconda” at the 2014 VMAs


  • And this part of her “Anaconda” dance routine

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    Again, HOW.

  • Actually, the whole routine ’cause this, too

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    Don’t ask questions, people.

  • When she gave Lil Wayne a lap dance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

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    Or anytime she gives Lil Wayne lap dances, really.

  • When she gave Drake a lap dance during “Super Bass”

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    And followed it up by leaving him hanging in the video for “Anaconda.”

  • When she strutted out during Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash 20 like ?

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    Pretending to be all casual, but she knew what she was doing.

  • That time she licked Meek Mill’s face during The Pinkprint Tour

    Nicki be like ???

  • Work it, Nicki. Work.

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