How Pregnant Did Jared Leto’s Pink Hair Make You Last Night?

Pretty in pink.

The World’s Prettiest Man Jared Leto reached dangerous levels of pretty at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night when he debuted a shocking new hair color: pink. And not a subtle pink, either: We’re talking full-on Elle Woods pink. Like, serving-pure-Barbie-realness pink. Do you get what we’re saying? Check out this fuchsia-tastic picture of the Oscar winner if you don’t:

Getty Images

Let’s get a closer look, shall we?

Getty Images

And one more angle, ya know, for good measure:

Getty Images

Brightly-dyed hair typically doesn’t do it for me, but wowza, Jared looked damn good last night. Maybe it was the way he slicked it back or his, “That’s right, I have pink effing hair—deal with it!” swagger, but I was definitely aroused by his scalp. In fact, it actually made me a little bit pregnant.

But what about you? Did Jared’s pink hair make you tingly inside or nah?