Er’rybody Has an Opinion on Draya vs. Brandi: Read the Best Basketball Wives LA Tweets from Last Night

"She didn't know that part of the footage was even going to make air until recently."

Last night’s explosive episode of Basketball Wives LA was one of the series most dramatic with an off camera argument between Draya and Brandi bleeding into the show. The drama continued online with public apologies and Twitter rants and the rest of the cast including Malaysia, Mehgan, Patrice, and Angel joined the conversation. Don’t miss their Twitter reactions to last night’s episode now!

Brandi feels like Draya’s public apology was only to clean her reputation

Malaysia and Mehgan stand by Brandi

But someone who stood by Draya’s side? Tami Roman

And Mehgan James felt a way about it

Draya’s friend Angel let us know what’s up with them

Patrice had some sage wisdom to offer all of her cast mates and she doesn’t care if you think she’s boring

Who’s side are you on between Brandi and Draya? Stay tuned to Basketball Wives LA, Sundays at 9/8c!

[Editor’s note: since this original post the Draya vs. Brandi situation seems to have stemmed a Twitter beef between Mehgan James and Tami Roman]

When Mehgan disagreed with Tami last night

And Mehgan fired back