10 Important Life Lessons That Only Beyoncé’s Instagram Can Teach You

Listen to the Queen.

Anything that Beyoncé says or does is naturally a lesson on how to slay life. Being one of the most powerful —yet private— musicians, Queen Bey is constantly finding new ways to covertly spread her wisdom.

Her newest obsession, and everyone’s favorite app, is clearly Instagram, as Bey uses this social media platform to drop some serious knowledge and a ton of fun photos. From her position on constitutional decisions, to service trips to Haiti, the pop superstar has shared her life and best pieces of advice through Instagram.

In honor of her birthday, lets all do Yoncé a favor and look at her most important Instagram messages:

  1. Modesty Is Sexy

    In addition to being at the top of her music game, Bey was at the top of her swimsuit game this past summer. The singer kept it completely modest with a series of flawless one-pieces. From her “Bulls” suit in the “Feeling Myself” video, to this classy ensemble, only Beyoncé could make conservatism look this good.

  2. It’s Never Too Late To Support Social Issues

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    Never Too Late #LoveWins ❤️

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    When the U.S. Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide back in June 2015, countless celebrities shared tweets or pictures showing their support of the groundbreaking decision. Beyoncé on the other hand, didn’t speak on the topic for a couple of days. However, the superstar broke her silence by posting a video of herself rocking some pretty dope rainbow gear. The message was fashionably late and fabulous.

  3. The Only Bigger Queen than Bey, is Qween Tina.

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    My queen!

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    It’s clear that family comes first to Beyoncé. You’ll rarely see the “7/11” songstress without her daughter, sister or husband. Most of her posts are actually snapshots of her beautiful and practically royal family, with her mom Tina at the forefront of it all.

  4. Sport Attire Can Be Fashionable

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    When supporting her favorite athletic teams, Bey doesn’t wear the average jersey; she custom makes game-day gear for her and her baby girl.

  5. Confidence Is Key

    Any real Beyoncé fan knows that she is actually very humble, but the “Flawless” lady also isn’t afraid to strut her stuff and embrace her royal status. Know your worth and don’t be afraid to let others know it too.

  6. Stay Cultured

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    Beyoncé and Jay Z travel often, but the power couple doesn’t just do it to idly pass the time. The Carters post way more pictures at historical sites and museums than they do laying out on beaches or yachts. But rest assured, they have yachts.

  7. Never Leave The House Without Serious Bling

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    Givenchy X Lorraine

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    The right accessories make every outfit infinitely better. Some people say don’t leave the house without earrings, Beyoncé can’t leave without the appropriate amount of bling. So if you want to look like Yoncé, take heed to this rule.

  8. Marry Someone On Your Level

    No one follows this rule quite as well as Queen Bey. Not only do her and Jay Z live an exciting life as spouses and parents, but they work together and make tons of money in the process. Beyoncé married her musical equal and she won’t let you forget it.

  9. Give Back In Style

    When she isn’t selling out tours worldwide, or creating secret albums, Beyoncé likes to give back to the community. A couple of months ago, the pop diva flew to Haiti on a Humanitarian mission with the UN she called “Bey Good.” After helping out in real time, the “Drunk In Love” singer sold “Bey Good” t-shirts and sent all of the profits back to the children in Haiti.

  10. It’s Never Too Dark To Put On Sunglasses For The Haters

    Even though the Bey-gency is very real, there are still some crazy people who aren’t actually Beyoncé fans. For those people, the fashionista has several pairs of beautiful designer shades to stunt on the haters. Even when there is no sun in sight.

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