Did Joseline And Stevie’s Performance Take You To Church, Or Did You Wanna Pull A Margeaux And Walk Out?

Let a bitch go to work!

Joseline’s performance of a medley of her songs, including “Church” and “Stingy With My Kutty Kat” were polarizing to say the least. The studio audience and most of her co-stars LOVED it, but Margeaux and Nikko literally werent’t here for it, they opted to walk off stage (and out of the building!) before it even began, calling Joseline and her music “trash.” The real question is what did YOU think? Take another listen now and let us know!

  • Joseline gave this one her all!

  • Scrappy was feeling the performance.

  • And so was Miss Deb.

  • But no one could have loved it more than Mimi!

  • A few more shots of the performance itself: