Bambi Speaks Out on the Scrappy vs. Erica Drama and Publicly Apologizes to Emani

"I'm sure most won't get that because I'm not his wife or baby momma tho."

Bambi isn’t keeping quiet anymore. At the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, the Bam mostly held back (mostly) when Scrappy came to blows with Erica Dixon over back child support payments but now she’s speaking out. On Instagram, Bambi wrote then deleted a lengthy response to allegations of Scrappy being an absentee father,
The Bam says that the only thing Scrappy has been consistent with is being a good father and she’s sick of Erica portraying him as deadbeat dad. She goes on to apologize to Emani for reacting to Erica on national television and then proceeds to defend her relationship with Scrappy, explaining that he was “breaking up” with rapper Diamond when she first met him.

And before you drag Bambi for filth, she’s not taking herself too seriously. She’s just speaking out for the man that she loves.
Are you Team Scrappy? Or Team Erica?