Are the James Bond Author’s Comments About Idris Elba Racist?

We think so.

This is ridiculous.

In a new interview with The Daily Mail, James Bond author Anthony Horowitz —whose next installment Trigger Mortis comes out Sept.8—gave the most code-worded racist reason why he thinks Idris Elba can’t play the famous spy after Daniel Craig leaves the role.

“Idris Elba is a terrific actor, but I can think of other black actors who would do it better,” he told the British tabloid. “For me, Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part. It’s not a colour issue. I think he is probably a bit too “street” for Bond. Is it a question of being suave? Yeah.”

OK, we’re confused and angry. “Too street” definitely seems to be hidden language for something way more bigoted. He says “color” is not the problem, but what the hell does he mean by “too street?” Are there any white actors who are “too street” to play James Bond? We’d love to see a list. Seriously, WTF is “too street” about this?!

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Sorry dude, we think this is racism by another name. But what do y’all think? Sound off in the comments below.