Miley On Nicki, Taylor On Demi: Watch The Hilarious Crowd-Cam Reactions You Didn’t See At The VMAs

More Bieber tears and all.

The 2015 VMAs may be over, but we’ve uncovered some unaired segments of the show for your enjoyment.

From Miley Cyrus’s parents reacting to Nicki Minaj to Taylor Swift’s hilarious face as she watched Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea’s performance, these crowd-cam clips need to be seen!

Here are the priceless VMA moments that weren’t broadcast this past Sunday. You’re so very welcome.

  • Cyrus Family’s Faces When Nicki Minaj Called Out Miley

    Miley’s mom looked shocked and confused, while her poor dad looks worried. He even took his phone out to capture the awkward moment.

  • Miley Cyrus Receiving Nicki’s Onstage Shade

    It looks like Miley began talking before her mic was even turned on.

  • Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Watch Demi Lovato’s Performance

    Is it just us or do they look like they’re trying really hard to like it?

  • Kanye West and Taylor Swift Turn Up To The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel Me Face” Performance

    Yeezus vs. Taylor Swift. Which VMA frenemy wins this dance-off?

  • Justin Bieber Crying Continued

    Poor baby booked to his car afterwards. It was too much for him.

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