Is 2015 the Comeback Year for Early 2000s Musical Acts?

This might be the year our nostalgic tendencies are remedied.

Christina Milian debuted a song with Lil Wayne at Billboard’s last month. The sultry track, “Do It,” is a taste of what’s to come from her EP, supposedly dropping later this year. Christina was hitting those dance moves and grinding on her beau, and she looked happy and at ease making a return to the stage. She’s ready.

It’s been almost a decade since Christina’s So Amazin’. Why she’s releasing an EP and not an album is somewhat of a mystery, though there are probably plenty of good reasons for this. Maybe she’s testing the waters with a slimmer selection of songs. Maybe she’s been busy being a mom and having her own E! docu-series. Girl has been putting in work in other areas of her life. Music hasn’t been the main focus, and understandably so.

Christina’s announcement of a comeback EP comes around the same time that JoJo released her Tringle. Aptly named, the three-song project marks JoJo’s return after 2006’s The High Road. JoJo is ready, too.

This year could be the year that beloved musical acts from the early — and even late — 2000s make a successful comeback. My generation, who grew up with artists like JoJo and Christina Milian, is one that tends to get overly nostalgic for movies, TV shows, music, toys, etc. from our childhood. We look back at these and #tbt them. We explode at the idea of a Full House reunion. We continue to stan for Britney Spears as a VMA queen because she was our spirit animal growing up.

Another 2000s act stepping back into the scene is Hilary Duff, who put out Breathe In. Breathe Out. earlier this summer. I used to walk around listening to Metamorphosis on my CD player. I will forever associate “Come Clean” with Laguna Beach. Janet Jackson, of course, is also getting back in the game. She started putting out albums in the ’80s, but one of her most important LPs, All For You, came out around the turn of the century. Janet’s back with a bang and a world tour after not releasing music for eight years.

Music is like technology. If you don’t keep up, you’ll end up in the dark. Music is also like literature. People will continue to read a good book long after the author is no longer around or putting out new material. The fact that 2000s acts from many of our childhoods are coming back, to me, says something about these artists’ shared need to create. It also says something about you and me.

Some or all of these artists helped us through our growing pains. We don’t owe them anything, but in many ways, they’re all that we know. We grew up with them. This picture of Tori Kelly fangirling out at Kel from Kenan & Kel is all of us.

Will 2015 be the comeback year for early 2000s artists? I’m not sure. I think the answer to that has to do more with us than with them. The real question is: Are you here for it when they do come back?

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