Can You Pair the Boozy Quote with the (Allegedly) Drunk Celebrity?

This is the hardest quiz you'll ever take. Maybe do a shot beforehand.

Labor Day is upon us, folks, and you know what that means: time to get feverishly inebriated while wearing white and rant like Kanye West—on a boat. Isn’t that what this—and, um, all—holidays are about? ’Merica.

Yes, this weekend is prime for drinking one too many apple martinis—you’re so bad!—and saying dumb s—t you’ll probably regret. (“Joe, I’m still in loveeeee with you!”) But don’t fret if your liquid courage leads to word vomit. It happens to all of us, including celebrities.

These 10 gold (schläger) quotes show stars at their sloppiest, booziest—well, allegedly, because we can’t prove they were drunk—and most iconic. Can you guess which A-lister uttered each phrase? Let’s put you to the test.