How Drake Survived Meek Mill’s Ghostwriting Claims This Summer

Summer 2015 was Drizzy season.

This has been a summer for the history books, and no one knows that better than Drake. Back in July, Meek Mill accused Drizzy of using a ghostwriter named Quentin Miller to help him pen verses on a few songs. When I first hear the claims, I admit that I was disappointed. For years, I believed him to be one of the best in the game. So I —and many other people— began questioning if he was really as dope as he made us believe. Not only that, but could he ever be credible again? I honestly didn’t know how he was going to recover, but Drizzy survived the attempted musical fade. How, you ask? With music only tested greats can produce.

When I say music, I don’t mean some random, meaningless crap behind a hot beat. I mean the type of music that the public wasn’t ready for. I mean the type of music that many people loved from Drake, but after the accusations, were skeptical of him now being able to make.  “Can he even make good music now?” I thought. “How do I know his best tracks were really written by him? Is his whole career a lie? Should I even think he’s dope anymore? Is his response track to this even gonna be good?”

The one question that I didn’t ask myself was “Is he even going to write his own response to this?” I knew Drake was smarter than that. He knew that he had to step up to the plate and prove to the public that he was, indeed, as talented as he’s led everyone to believe these past years. To my satisfaction, he did that like a pro.

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