Here’s What Janet Jackson’s New Album Track List Tells Us

Ms. Jackson is back.

Seven years since releasing her last album, Janet Jackson’s new LP is set to drop on October 2.

Called Unbreakable, the new 17-track project features other recording artists like Missy Elliott and J. Cole.

Collaborators of hers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, announced in a press release. “It’s wonderful to be creating again with Janet. From songwriting, producing, arranging, singing, dancing, acting, she deftly does it all and truly personifies the word artist. Unbreakable is a gift to all of her fans who have steadfastly stood by her.”

Check out the album cover and the hot playlist below.

1. “Unbreakable”
2. “Burnitup!” (Feat. Missy Elliott)
3. “Dammn Baby”
4. “The Great Forever”
5. “Shoulda Known Better”
6. “After You Fall”
7. “Broken Hearts Heal”
8. “Night”
9. “No Sleeep” (Feat. J. Cole)
10. “Dream Maker/ Euphoria”
11. “2 B Loved”
12. “Take Me Away”
13. “Promise”
14. “Lessons Learned”
15. “Black Eagle”
16. “Well Traveled”
17. “Gon B Alright”

From some of the track titles, it looks like Janet is going to be putting a certain past relationship on blast…perhaps her ex Jermaine Dupri? “Unbreakable,” “Shoulda Known Better,” “Broken Hearts Heal,” and “Lessons Learned” are all jumping up at us like some slight shade may be thrown through out them.

On the other hand, songs like “Dammn Baby,” Dream Maker,” “2 B Loved,” and “Promise” may be geared towards her new husband. She gushed about him during her acceptance speech for the Ultimate Icon Award at this year’s BET Awards after rumors came out of marital problems between the two.

Nevertheless, we’re very excited for Ms. Jackson’s comeback. When her much-anticipated album does finally does drop, we’re gonna be heading to the store to cop it like…

"It's one life to live, so live it the best you can. The world could use one less man." - Nas