“Too Much Ass In The A-P-T”: Ray J Spills It On This Week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself

"How the f--- did Princess get let upstairs?"

The season two premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was amazing. Ray J and Princess’s drama was bonkers, Princess and Teairra’s make up session was unexpected, and of course Miles and Milan’s relationship was a first for this series. So everyone in the cast had a lot to say after the episode aired, and we got the tea from Ray J, Teairra, and Princess about what they thought of the drama. To quote Ray J, as he watched the scene where Princess storms in to break up his stripper party (seriously, who has a stripper pole in their apartment though?), “Ass. When I look back, there was too much ass in the a-p-t.” And that’s big of him to admit since he’s also the self-proclaimed turn-up king. But his real question about this situation is “How the f— did Princess get let upstairs?” Great question, Ray. Maybe it’s time to move.