Whole Lotta Rock: 7 Classic Rock Movies To Watch This Memorial Day Weekend On Palladia

Fire up the grill, fire up the rock.

There are so many awesome rock movies out there that have inspired generations of kids to pick up musical instruments and become rock stars. And this Memorial Day weekend, Palladia is giving fans a chance to watch the best in one sitting with a two-day movie marathon aptly called Whole Lotta Rock Weekend. It will feature some of the most iconic movies in music history as well as new ones that are as compelling as the classics. And here are seven of our favorite movies that we think are must-see. What are your favorites?

1. The Who Live At Kilburn – Saturday, May 23rd + 7:30PM

Made up of two live sets from 1969 and 1977, the film contains the band’s last live performance of the song ’Who Are You” with drummer Keith Moon. Moonie died nine months after the 1977 show, but the band is in full mod mode here with Townshend windmilling like a madman and Daltrey throwing his mike like a lasso.

2. The Song Remains The Same – Saturday, May 23rd + 9:00PM

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In addition to the band’s extremely tight sets at Madison Square Garden (and Robert Plant’s extremely tight pants), the film shows Led Zeppelin at the peak of the their godly powers with Plant moonlighting as a knight in search of the Holy Grail, Jimmy Page channeling his inner seeker, John Bonham driving insanely fast, and John Paul Jones serving as the bass-playing masked scarecrow. Another highlight is Page abusing his violin bow during “Dazed and Confused.”

3. The Grateful Dead Movie – Sunday, May 24th + 1:00 Am

If you weren’t alive to experience the Dead live, this is perhaps the closest thing. Grateful Dead head Jerry Garcia directed this documentary, which offers a rare glimpse at the inside workings of the legendary jam band.

4. Kansas: Miracles Out of Nowhere – Sunday, May 24th + 10:30 Am

For the only American prog rock band that mattered in the ’70s, their journey from geographical and musical obscurity to the top of the rock pedestal was nothing but a miracle. Also, their story about Steven Tyler is one for the books.

5. Alice Cooper’s Night of Fear – Sunday, May 24th +2:30 PM

Having Alice Cooper and the word fear in one sentence is redundant. And this live performance goes to show that the shock rocker can easily end your happy thoughts any given night.

6. Queen Rock Montreal – Sunday, May 24th + 6:00 PM

Considered to be the best live performance ever caught on film by the iconic English rock group, Queen Rock Montreal has been restored restored to ultra HD glory from its original 35mm source. Anything that gives a crisper view and punchier sound to Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor at their best is a treasure.

7. Aerosmith: Rock of the Rising Sun – Sunday, May 24th + 11:00 PM

In 2011, Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake that resulted in tremendous loss of lives and broken dreams. Stirred by this earth-shaking human tragedy, Aerosmith toured the beleaguered nation and offered some comfort via live renditions of ’Livin’ On The Edge,’ ’Walk This Way,’ ’Sweet Emotion,’ and more.

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