Who Is Amber Laura AKA Fabb Abb from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Get to know the newest Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member!

Amber Laura Hunter AKA Fabb Abb, 28, is the newest addition to the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fam but who is the rapper, singer, and songwriter? From her early days in the game to her complicated relationships with her co-stars, we have the info here.

Get all the #FACTS on Fabb Abb now!

  • Amber Laura is a Los Angeles native

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    Amber Laura is a North Hollywood native and, in her own words: “a girl from the West side, you know the A18, the Valley.”

  • Amber Laura AKA Fabb Abb has a long and storied history with her co-star Miles Brock

    The two have a complex history from being high school sweethearts to being just like family.

  • Amber Laura AKA Fabb Abb got her start in a girl group

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    Alongside her sister, Amber was one part of the duo LisaRio but her sister left to pursue more traditional pop music while Amber went on to focus on rapping.

  • Amber Laura AKA Fabb Abb can play the guitar

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    While Amber focuses primarily on rapping, singing, and songwriting, she can also play the guitar. She’s got some real talent!

  • Amber Laura’s stage name Fabb Abb is self-explanatory

    It’s because she’s fabulous, hunty. Amber describes her stage persona Fabb Abb as a “fabulous princess.” Noted!

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