Raise Your Hand If Sky Had You Crying On Black Ink Crew

"I just couldn't do it. I'm not gonna be no slouch-ass, bum-ass parent."

Black Ink Crew is not a show that makes us feel a lot of emotions or sadness very often, but last night’s episode — whooooo boy. During a consultation of a Brazilian butt lift where she had to reveal her medical history, Sky made a shocking confession that she gave birth to two sons when she was just fourteen years old. Her emotions about having to give the boys up for adoption made us want to reach through the TV and hug her, and they continued to surface throughout the rest of the episode. While she was in the back of the shop at Black Ink, she overheard Dutchess talking about her and, as a result of her emotionally fragile state, that sent Sky into a tailspin and had us worried that her friendship with Dutchess was over. All we can say is that this was a giant confession for Sky to make — she’s been an open book thus far when it comes to her relationships and her legal troubles, but it was clear that this issue has been on her mind and in her heart for years and she poured her heart out last night when she revealed it.