Jake Gyllenhaal Wants Candy, Smashes Things in New Demolition Trailer

He'll probably get nominated for an Oscar.

Jake Gyllenhaal has bulked up, slimmed down, and navigated a flooded Manhattan for his films. But do you know what he hasn’t done? Eat M&M’s and smash things. Now this is where the Oscar bait truly lives.

Sir Gyllenhaal is in luck, because he does both things in his upcoming flick Demolition, that has a trailer out today. All jokes aside, the movie looks great, he’ll probably snag and Oscar nomination for it—or at least generate some buzz—but we get distinct 5-year-old tantrum vibes from the trailer. (In the best way possible, of course. “Mommy, I want my snack-treats!”) Unhappy a faulty machine deprived him of precious peanut M&M’s, Davis (Jake) starts penning long-winded letters to the vending company and ends up spilling his entire life story.

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