Eazy-E’s Eldest Son Opens Up About Father’s Death

“It was very hard.”

Eazy-E’s oldest son, Eric Wright Jr., discussed the life and death of his dad in an interview with TheRecollectors.com–a site that shares the stories of family members who’ve lost loved ones to AIDS.

Even though Eazy died when he still a young boy, Eric (also known as Lil Eazy-E) has a lot of fond memories of his father in the short time he spent with him.

When asked about his childhood with Eazy, Eric said that his father would always make time to chill with him, whether he was busy or not. “N.W.A. was just forming and trying to cross over and get into the mainstream,” Eric said. “They did a lot of pre-recording in Compton and I saw my dad a lot. Even when he was busy, I still saw him—after school and on a lot of weekends. He was just a great father.”

He also said that it was difficult for him to understand how serious HIV was at such a young age. His grandmother explained it as “the same thing” Magic Johnson had. “So when they said Magic couldn’t play ball because of some illness—he’s not supposed to get his sweat or his blood on anyone, and that people felt like, ’Oh he’s sick with something people don’t want to be close to’—I understood it was something like that,” Eric said. “But Magic Johnson was (and is) still very much alive. So it was like, ’Oh ok, it’s not that bad, he’s an athlete, they just don’t want to touch him and be around him. But this is my Daddy; I’m not scared to touch my Daddy.’ You don’t understand that it’s a fatal disease.”

Eric also admitted that he felt numb when he heard that Eazy passed. He remembered the news not sinking in, until he looked at his lifeless body at the funeral.

Though he’s still hurting from the loss of his dad, Eric’s glad that he’s being remembered in a positive light in Straight Outta Compton. “It brings him to life again,” he said. “He’s being homaged and recognized for how iconic he was for the entire music industry.”

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