Flashback Friday: Karlie Redd’s Top 10 Moments From Scream Queens

Did Karlie have the talent, lungs, and looks to be the next Scream Queen?

Long before she was known as Benzino’s girlfriend, a messy friend, or a woman whose age would never be revealed, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karlie Redd was a contestant on Season 2 of Scream Queens. Karlie, who as an aspiring actress at the time, competed in a series of challenges in the hopes that she would win a break-out role in the film Saw 3D. From working with bugs, gore, and stunts to acting across from A-list talent, the Scream Queens were put through an intense horror-acting boot camp.

Although Karlie was eliminated at the end of the third episode, she definitely left her mark and stood out among the other contestants. Check out her most memorable moments below!

  1. First Horror Challenge – Karlie must act out being attacked in the middle of the night by Freddy Kreuger.

  2. Episode 1 Director’s Challenge – In this extended scene, we watch as Karlie proves she has the lungs to be the next “Scream Queen”.

  3. Wicked Witches – In this challenge, Karlie has an interesting take on what defines a wicked witch.

  4. Controlled Rage Lesson – During John Homa’s acting lesson, Karlie demonstrates that she can play an evil character.

  5. Wild Woman – In this challenge, Karlie took it to the next level when she ate the raw steak and licked the bloody kitchen knife!

  6. No Words – Karlie demonstrates that she can captivate an audience without using any words.

  7. Fake Crying Lesson – Karlie has some difficulty bringing on the tears in John Homa’s lesson on fake crying.

  8. Maggot Murder Challenge – In what would become her final challenge, Karlie struggles to bring the emotion but goes out with a bang as she gets covered in maggots!

  9. Karlie Gets Eliminated – Karlie becomes extremely emotional and upset when she learns that she is the third actress getting the axe.

  10. Exit Interview – Karlie reflects on her time on Scream Queens and what she wishes she would have done differently.