Watch Justin Bieber Perform “What Do You Mean?” and “Boyfriend” on the Today Show

This time no crying.

Justin Beiber’s comeback is not slowing down one bit. He hit the Today show this morning and performed his new single, “What Do You Mean?”, in the rain for a packed audience. Then, he performed “Boyfriend,” which admittedly we kinda forgot about. His ’fit seems very Kanye-inspired, but we’re still here for the new grown-up Biebs. Swaggy.

Oh, and peep the new platinum hair.

Embedded from www.today.com.
Embedded from www.today.com.

“Mean” marks the Biebs’ first number one hit, and “Boyfriend” climbed the charts in 2012 to as high as the number two spot. What did you think of the Biebs’ performances? Sound off in the comments section below.