Joseline, Nikki, and Erica Mena Declare They Are The Baddest From Each City — Do You Agree?

Who are the real baddest bishes of Love & Hip Hop?

Nikki @iamerica_mena & Joseline ????? #thebaddestfromeachcity #THEYKNOW ??

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Here’s an interesting list to consider: Nikki Mudarris just posted an Instagram video of herself along with Erica Mena and Joseline Hernandez, writing that the three women are “The baddest from each city” of Love & Hip Hop. First of all, we would have LOVED to have been in the same room with the three of them hanging out to see what that was like, but what we really started to think about was who the baddest ladies really are. Do you agree with Nikki’s assessment, or do you have your own top 3? Tell us now in the comments!