Donna Asks O’Sh*t for Career Advice, But He Wants To Give Her Something More

"Donna, you lookin' really good!"

We pulled this Black Ink Crew bonus clip from the seemingly bottomless pool of clips where O’Sh*t never learns his lesson because, that’s right, he’s hitting on Donna. Young Donna approached Sh*t to get some career advice and see what she should do about Ceaser and how to get in his good graces again, but Sh*t misunderstood and thought she was asking for romance advice. (Or maybe his mind just wandered to that…) “He is hitting on me, and I feel like he’s kind of doing it on purpose because him and Anya broke up and he knows I’m with Max,” Donna says. But seriously though, will O’Sh*t ever learn to keep it in his pants??

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