What Girls Think About During Sex + More Female Struggles YouTube Stars Have Captured Perfectly

"Do you use Band-Aids on your period?"

Isn’t it comforting to know you aren’t the only one who tears down the streets like Godzilla during your period? Or who takes two hours to pick out an outfit that you end up feeling is subpar? Our womanly probs are what bring us together, gals. Thanks to YouTubers like IISuperwomanII and Jenna Marbles, we know we’re all a little bit cray, and more important, not alone in the female struggle that they capture so perfectly.

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  • Shopping is stressful AF.

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    IISuperwomanII points out that people can just see your vaj in a changing room if they really wanted to. Ain’t none of us trying to pull a Kylie Jenner. And yes, mannequins create trust issues.

  • Decoding the BS your girlfriends tell you.

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    “We’re gonna totally do that one day,” as IISuperwomanII points out, really means that sh-t is never happening. Slim-to-none chance you’re getting those matching tattoos.

  • Periods. Period.

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    SW also knows we’re aware of how psychotic we are during our period and that we’ll cry at anything and everything. That said, we’re not stopping anytime soon, so everyone should probably just deal.

  • The crap we do to look like what we *think* is super attractive.

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    Jenna Marbles calls out the BS we’re all guilty of, like: bleaching the sh-t out of our hair, wearing lots of black eye shadow so we look nothing like ourselves, and using a whole bronzer compact for each time we go out. Voil√†.

  • Getting dressed is the hardest task on earth.

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    We’re all a bunch of procrastinating mofos and will try everything on at least once, only to leave with the hoodie and jeans we wore every other day that week.

  • Inevitable thoughts during sex.

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    Thank God our girl JM knows what’s up, because we have ALL thought things like: “Please not the thumb,” “I can smell your ball sack,” and “Why do you think I like this?” at one point or another.

  • Plumping your lips.

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    Don’t act like you didn’t take miscellaneous household items to try the Kylie Jenner Challenge at least once. Luckily, Grace Helbig got her struggle with it on camera, making us feel better about our lives.

  • Dying your own hair.

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    Thanks to Grace, we know this process is annoying AF and we all make it 10x more difficult than the simple directions on the box say it should be, but, we’re going to keep doing it anyway because YOLO.

  • How we used to get ready for the first day of school.

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    You made your entire house look like a tornado went through it, but it was worth it because you looked fire in your middle and high school glory.

  • Getting summer-ready.

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    Working out seems like a good idea when you realize you can just go lay out. Laying out also seems like a good idea until you realize you can just go tanning. We’re indecisive AF, remember?

  • Putting v. minimal effort into our appearance while still wanting to look good.

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    Get some mascara and self-tanner and call it a GD day.

Yup. The struggle is real.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.