Devo Co-Founder Holds A 9/11 Themed Wedding—And It’s As Horrible As It Sounds

We're talkin' Twin Tower cakes and box cutter party favors.

Last Friday, Devo singer/bassist Jerry Casale tied the knot with his long-time partner, Krista Napp. Mazel tov to the newlyweds! But those of you will access to calendars/google will know that last Friday happened to be the 11th of September, the 14th anniversary of the atrocities known as 9/11. Yeah, that’s not normally a day for celebrations. Maybe the couple just wanted to have a wedding on the first Friday of September, but most people were away for the Labor Day weekend so they bumped it to the next week?

Who knows.

But the Casales decided to take the, errr, unorthodox step of throwing an actual 9/11 themed wedding reception. “Oh no,” you say. Oh yes. Prepare to shake your head forever.

According to TMZ, the guests arriving to Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica were treated to box cutter party favors, and table setting cards featuring box cutters emblazoned with the Casale and Knapp’s names. The center piece of the event was a massive cake in the shape of the World Trade Center, with the happy couple’s faces smiling on top of each tower.

We’ll give you a moment to process all of that and recover.

You may think that this is our idea of a sick joke, but there are —of course— pictures to prove it.

It sounds horribly offensive to us, but attendees weren’t all that surprised. Apparently everyone is used to their “dark and strange sense of humor.” On guest described Casale as having “real heart as an artist, and is a super sweet guy.”

Is this incredibly tasteless, or are we just too easily shocked? By all means, let us know in the comments below.