Wizard-Sorceress Tami Roman Calls Angel “Trashy” To Her Face While Still Managing To Stay On Her Good Side

"There's a difference between trashy and classy. And on that note, I'm leaving."

“Move over, Iyanla!” Tami announces in this week’s Basketball Wives LA bonus clip. Tami Roman is about to start fixing some lives, starting with Brandi and Angel. The two women clearly have an issue with one another, stemming from Angel’s loyalty to Draya, so Tami brings them together to see if she can help patch things up. But first she has to get over what Angel is wearing to this mediation session — Tami can’t keep here eyes off of Angel’s revealing top, ultimately telling Angel there’s a fine line between classy and trashy, and Angel’s on the trashy side. Need we remind you that Tami is the moderator here, and NOT the person that Angel is trying to patch things up with?

See how Angel reacts to the trashy comment and whether or not she can make amends with Brandi now!