Nia Wants To Give Nas A Bronze Trash Can As A Trophy On This Week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself

"I really wanted to punch her in her face, I had to walk away."

On this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Nia asked Nas if she wanted a trophy for, at one time, being her BFF. And when she watched that scene back on Check Yourself, she added, “What would a Nas trophy look like? Probably be like a bronze trash can or something.” There is absolutely no love lost between these two women, and that was very clear when they both discussed their big fight scene. Nia added that she “really wanted to punch [Nas] in her face,” but was proud that she had the strength to walk away. “I think I’m a pretty cool, calm and collected person, but I’ll go there with you. I will meet you there,” she explained.