Here’s Why We Think Bambi And Scrappy Are The Realest Couple On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

It's a bold statement, but just look at how in love they are!

Not everyone will agree with what we’re about to say, but here we go: Bambi and Scrappy are our favorite couple on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season. We know some of you think that Bambi’s still just one of Scrappy’s eggs, and y’all are still making fun of her for riding her bike over to his house that one time, but after being together for two years and looking as strong as ever when they went to Yandy and Mendeecees’ wedding, we have to say we are smitten with this couple. Need some proof as to why they deserve some respect? Take a look at some of these photos and decide for yourself if they’re fake or not. We can’t find any proof of phoniness or phoning it in.
She captioned this pic “Perfect.” We have to agree.

She’s hilarious, even when posing with a tropical bird on her shoulder.

She’s tight with Scrappy’s daughter, which is everything.
As a couple, they clean up real nice.

Granny at the pordy

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Granny approved!
And sister approved!

The ratchet lemon pepper fairy came

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This is the funniest thing we have ever seen.
And if this isn’t true love we don’t know what it.

“Happy birthday @reallilscrappy … I’m not going to write an essay because i would be all night saying how amazing you are and all the reasons I love you, besides … That’s super corny people don’t get it and I don’t expect them to, but you my nicca cuh! I ain’t never pulled up on a Nicca on my bike, scrambled a nigga “eggs” or rubbed nobodies feet cuh you’re more than my Boo, you’re like my real life best friend. I love you … I got writers block or something , I be showing you what time it is tho. you make my heart skip hella beats #iputdatoncrip”