See Your Favorite ’90s Cartoon Characters All Grown Up in These Amazing Pictures

T.J. Detweiler is bae.

Have you ever wondered what the kids from Recess would look like today? Artist and overall badass Isaiah Stephens did too, so he reimagined them—and several of your other beloved ’90s cartoons—as full-fledged adults. And damn, time was good to some of your faves. Who knew many of these snotty-nosed boys would become iron-pumping man-cakes? I didn’t, but thank gawd it happened.

Isaiah left no character (or channel) unturned, really. From Doug to South Park, the gang is all here—and probably opening up 401K plans. Let’s see a few of them, shall we?

As Told By Ginger


Ed, Edd n Eddy

Code Name: Kids Next Door


Rocket Power

South Park

The Proud Family girls

Check out the rest of Isaiah’s work here. He definitely deserves your business.

(H/T: E! Online)