Bonus Clip: Teairra Tells Her Former Frenemy, Hazel, About Her New Frenemy, Princess

"You are in the middle of your ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend's relationship???"

That rift that was created last season between Hazel-E and Teairra? Gone. This season on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, the two girlfriends are back to being besties, and in this bonus clip, Teairra is explaining her current situation with Ray and Princess to Hazel. Hazel is, understandably, confused. “This case with Princess…So is it like, some frenemy stuff? Like, keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer?” Hazel asks Teairra. “And that’s a great question,” TT responds. But what is the real answer? Hear Teairra explain her motives now.

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