This Kylie Jenner and Tyga Snapchat Will Give You Serious Nightmares

I really want my mommy right now.

Professional 18-year-old adult Kylie Jenner is currently breaking the Internet with her personal lifestyle website and app. (Sadly, we wish her sisters could say the same.) And just how is KyKy celebrating? By taking creepy Snapchats with boyfriend and rap trailblazer Tyga, of course!

The couple rode around New York City in a limo Tuesday night and blessed fans with a barrage of interesting Snapchats. For starters, please watch this Kyga Snap that will 700 percent give you nightmares/make you wet the bed for weeks.
Ummm, where TF is the holy water!? We need it. All of it.

Oh, and this one is pretty effing terrifying as well:
But she softened things up a bit with her other Snaps. Here is one of Tyga with heart eyes. Romantic or nah?

And then there’s this v. endearing clip. Kylie even says, “Awww! [Tyga’] so cute” in it. We guess these youths really are in love, eh?
We don’t know what to feel right now, tbh. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.