Lana Del Rey Is Proof You Don’t Have To Be A Great Performer For People To Love Your Music

She's not going to wow you with riffs, but there is something about her that you love. Isn't there?

Lana Del Rey’s remarkably dismal music doesn’t always translate to stellar live performances. When singing live, LDR often carries the air of a girl who reluctantly agreed to perform at the school recital after much encouragement from her teachers. That infamous SNL performance from 2012 confirmed that Lana is as moody on stage as she sounds on her records, and the truth is, listening to “Summertime Sadness” alone on the floor of your room might make for a more enjoyable experience than watching her perform it live. Simply put, LDR just isn’t one to put on a show.

Lana’s not the only one who isn’t cramming to learn a dance routine or rushing to hire a crew of interpretive dancers to aid her stage presence, though. Ashlee Simpson used to take the stage by stumbling across it and holding her body in strange ways. She also would lip sync so obviously, it was painful to watch. Lip syncing isn’t always a hindrance to a great performance. Britney Spears is a pro at it, and she still delivers.

And yet, singing live doesn’t guarantee you a shining review, either. Iggy Azalea is better off lip syncing in order to save us all the effort of deciphering what the hell she’s rapping about. Not everyone can be as entertaining live as Beyonce, Chris Brown, Madonna, or Taylor Swift — even if she does have the help of a thousand famous friends. But there is something to be said for talented artists who aren’t strong performers in the showy sense of the word.

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