Brandi Tells Tami “I Don’t F—in’ Like You” To Her Face In This Week’s Basketball Wives LA Sneak Peek

But Tami thinks Brandi is a lesbian, so they all have their opinions...

People on reality shows should probably never play truth or dares, because the dares tend to get them in trouble, and the truth tends to hurt. But on this week’s Basketball Wives LA episode, during a boat ride in Puerto Rico, the ladies play and it gets real right away. First off, Tami asks Malaysia if she’s ever been with a woman before, explaining “I’m telling you, baby the streets are talking,” and they streets think that she and Brandi are hooking up. Well that was direct.

And then when it’s Brandi’s turn, Shaunie looks pointedly at her and asks straight up “How do you feel about me and Tami?” and Brandi answers her just as straight, “I don’t f*ckin’ like Tami.” And as for Shaunie, she says “you kinda look down on us.” Shaunie doesn’t take that well, and then explains all the reasons she doesn’t like the L.A. girls.

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