Black Ink Crew Sneak Peek: Puma Wants To Get Up With Ceaser For Round 2?

Puma decides he needs to have a face-to-face with Cease to handle some unfinished business.

“I don’t trust this, I don’t trust this not one single bit,” Sassy says when she finds out her bestie Puma wants to meet up with Ceaser to “talk” and handle some unfinished business.

After his family uprooted and moved to Atlanta Puma realizes his life has been on downward spiral since his physical altercation with Ceaser, and decides a meeting with Ceaser may be just what’s needed to begin to get his world back on track.

Hear the advice Sassy has for her bro, and catch a new episode of Black Ink Crew this Monday @ 9/8c to see if the meeting goes right, or completely left.

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