6 Things You Didn’t Know About Ellie Goulding

Did you know that she's a natural redhead?

Ellie Goulding unveiled her new single, “On My Mind,” as well as the title and release date of her third studio LP, Delirium, today. Delirium, which will drop November 6, is the followup to 2012’s Halcyon Days. Ellie, who wrote “OMM” with Max Martin, says that the song is “about having somebody in your head from the past, in the present, and you can’t figure out why.”

We caught up with Ellie this week to hear her new single and to find out more about her. Peep six things you didn’t already know about Ellie (according to Ellie) below, and head on over to iTunes to purchase “OMM.”

  1. She taught herself to play the guitar when she was a teen.

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    “I taught myself guitar from the age of about 14 because I wanted to be a rockstar. I played electric when I first started, and then I decided that I wanted to play acoustic to be like other singer-songwriters. I don’t think a lot of people know that I was actually a guitarist before I was a singer.”

  2. She used to play the clarinet, too.

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    “I used to be a clarinet player, and I got to a really high grade with clarinet. [laughs] I feel like that’s the least likely instrument people would think that I used to play. I quickly discovered that by itself it’s not really that much fun. You’ve gotta be in an orchestra, or at least with another clarinet.”

  3. She’s a natural redhead.

    These freckles are really giving me away #secretredhead

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    “I’m naturally redhead. My hair sort of goes from brown into like some kind of red. And I think that’s cause my mom’s redhead and my dad’s got really dark hair and it’s kind of a hybrid of that. So yeah, I think a lot of people think I’m blonde, but nope, not blonde, look at my roots.”

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