Which Disney Villain Should You Have Hate-Sex with Right Now?

Just shut up, grab my hair, and smush me like you despise me.

Nothing is more gratifying than an A+ hate-sex session. It’s loud, aggressive, messy, and 100 percent hot. By the end of it, both your libido and temper are satisfied—two birds, one stone. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend you hop on the next (consenting) frenemy and try it out. It’s life-changing.

If you don’t have a frenemy to test the waters with, we suggest you get (hate) freaky with a Disney villain. They’re angry, despicable humans—in other words, perfect for this type of rendezvous. Trust us: Hate-sex is much better with a hateful person. (It increases the, well, hate.)

But which villain should have the honor of wetting your whistle? Let’s find out! Take our quiz, and let us know who you’re smushing tonight in the comments below.